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We understand that renting seems risky.

Smart Mining contains tools to help you make the right decision.


Our internal proxy system is 100% encoded in fast C ++, which guarantees a very fast response time, as well as 99.9% uptime.


Our team assumes all risks associated with equipment malfunction

Remote control

We do not need to contain the so-called "mining-farms". After all, mining takes place online, and we use remote servers and wallets.

Top servers

Mining operates on highly secure servers, our bitcoin wallets are reliably protected

Least cost

We do not need to maintain a huge service personnel, monitor the equipment, cool it, modernize outdated one, pay large bills for electricity.


We are not dependent on local laws and authorities

We choose mining pools and methods of calculating profits based on deep daily analysis and control of all financial and technical indicators

The graph shows the market share of the main bitcoin pools for mining.

The estimate is approximate and for various reasons may not be 100% accurate.

There is no need to personally analyze the pools for selection

We use optimal conditions and always follow this

There is no risk of shortfall of profit

No need to think about which accrual method to use

Automatic withdrawal to your wallet with minimal fees

No need to configure hardware and control hash rate

All this makes the team Smart Mining

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Smart business

We solely manage all rental equipment for mining, and we guarantee that

You will not encounter bad guys who deliberately overclock rented equipment, squeezing everything in 3-4 months.

Your equipment will never fail prematurely, rental capacities are tuned for optimal performance, without the risk of equipment temperature rising.

Outsiders will not be able to access your equipment; we keep the location of all rented mining farms complete confidential.

Today, our hashrate geography is much wider, more than 20% of it is outside of China and it continues its dynamic growth.

We consider hashrate rental from anywhere in the world and are ready to provide individual conditions if you have a capacity of 5 PH/s.

We have reliable partners, we have 2 operational offices and more than 20 high-class employees.

In the near future, the company plans to open an office in Warsaw (Poland), to expand its partner network in Iceland and Eastern European countries with cheap electricity, Georgia is a priority.

We are ready to consider the possibility of investment in your regional projects.

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Mining is incredibly available for everybody

That’s how Smart Mining

CEO Smart Mining, John Tull