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  • 2019-07-31
Promotion program Smart-Mining. Topic 2

Promotion program Smart-Mining. Topic 2

Smart Mining is holding a contest among its users on the topic ‘Registration and acquaintance with the system. Overview of the personal account’. Anyone can participate in the competition. The participants of the competition program are divided into four language groups, including Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish.

Smart Mining is holding a contest among its users on the topic ‘Registration and acquaintance with the system. Overview of the personal account’. Anyone can participate in the competition. The participants of the competition program are divided into four language groups, including Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish.

As part of the competition, it is necessary to perform two tasks: create video content, and create text content with graphics. You need to place the video clip on your own YouTube channel and email a link at: [email protected] A link to the article created by the participant posted on his resource shall be emailed at the same address.

To get bonuses from the company, you need to prepare a review of the video and a review of the article. It is allowed to amend and complement the article and video during the competition. Besides, it is allowed to elaborate on the proposed topic consistently by several articles and videos.

Bonuses for participation in the program

Each participant, who meets the conditions of the competition, immediately receives a number of bonuses as a reward:

• 10% of the 1st level referrals.

• 5% of 2nd level referrals.

• 5% discount on Smart One packages for each referral.

• 10% discount on Smart Two packages for each referral.

In addition, the winners receive prizes:

• A participant who takes the first place in the competition for a given topic receives $500.

• 2nd place - $300.

• 3d place - $200.

• 4th place - $100.

• 5th place - $50.

Participants included in the top twenty winners are given the opportunity to enter into a Smart Starter Lite contract and get + 5% from the 1st level referrals.

YouTube video traffic promotion and attraction methods

There are a lot of effective and popular methods for promotion of video content on your own YouTube channel. Let’s consider some of them.

Promotion by keywords

This method is one of the most effective for the new channel, the creator of which is not yet able to use external funds. To obtain the maximum result from this methodology, you should make sure that your topic is interesting to a sufficient number of Internet users. In addition, it is desirable that the number of competitors, who have already become famous in your chosen field, be as few as possible.

According to this method, it is necessary to optimize the video content before its placement on the channel. Optimization occurs in several stages:

• Selection of keywords (you can select yourself, or you can use special services on the Internet).

• Creating a description for the video (in the description it is necessary to use all the keywords, evenly distribute them throughout the text, try to use them appropriately. The text of the description should be as simple, clear and useful for the user as possible).

• Work with the audience (interest in the video depends largely on its content, manner of information being presented, benefits and quality of the video itself. Therefore, you should place information that will cause the interest of the viewer and make him watch the video to the end as early as in the description of the video).

Promotion through the recommended video column

This strategy is one of the most effective. It should be used when the level of competition in the chosen topic is very high.

This method is based on the fact that the YouTube system independently evaluates the video in terms of its usefulness to the audience. One of the selection criteria is the time of viewing the video, in other words, whether the video was reviewed to the end. It works as follows:

1. You are watching a video of a specific subject.

2. You pay attention to the video from the same topic in the recommended clips.

3. You click the link and watch the video to the end.

4. YouTube marks this video as useful and starts recommending it to other users with similar interests.

To achieve this effect, several methods are used:

• Hold the user's attention (depending on how interesting your movie is and useful for the audience).

• Selection of the title miniature (it should be bright, unusual, causing the desire to watch the video. At the same time, you should not use an image or a slogan that is not related to the video).

• Video clip tags (they determine the subject and audience of the video).

• The name of the video clip should draw the interest of the viewer.

Video promotion through social networks and other popular YouTube channels

The key principle of these techniques is the viral distribution of your content to an audience who does not use the YouTube platform. The technique is used in cases where you need to maximize the range of your channel users.

This approach can be implemented in several ways:

• Through an already popular site that draws attention of a large audience. In this case, the video is placed in a specific section of the site and increases the number of views due to live traffic from the site itself.

• Promotion in social networks. When using this approach, users share a link to the video in their accounts.

The success of this strategy almost fully depends on the content of the video, its usefulness and the interest it causes. Optimization in this case does not play a significant role.

Of course, to achieve the highest possible result, you should apply these strategies in a comprehensive manner and constantly look for new ways to promote your own content. You should understand that flexibility of thinking and the strategies used are extremely important for promotion.

Article promotion methods

Hence, we have considered several methods of promoting video clips. There are also a lot of ways for promotion of textual content, and we will get a close look of some.

Improving the content quality

One of the main conditions and the key to success is the writing of quality articles that arouse the interest of the target audience and benefit the readers. In order to write a really high-quality article, it is advisable to understand the topic well. In addition, you need to understand that the creation of unique content can often require the participation of not one person, but a whole team of specialists, which consequently entails time and financial costs. For writing a high-quality unique article using graphics, for example, you may need the work of the author, proofreader and designer or photographer for graphic design.

Using social networks

In order to make social networks work for your interests, you have to take into account a number of points:

• It is necessary to find out which specific social networks are used by representatives of your target audience. There is no practical sense in posting content everywhere. More significant results can be achieved if you concentrate all your efforts and time on social networks, which are the habitat of your audience.

• The number of friends and subscribers you have counts. The more people share your article with other users, the more potential audience you will get. To increase the number of subscribers and friends, use analytical services.

• Constant monitoring of results is highly recommended. You have to understand what works better or worse, on what to concentrate efforts. Be flexible and take a variety of approaches.


Remember that the keyword list should include the most common words in your topic. You can also use more focused terms if they relate directly to your topic.


Currently, only the lazy don’t have their own blogs. However, to maximize the benefit of blogging in terms of your content promotion, you have to take into account a number of points:

• Your goal is to create interesting content that will immediately trigger the desire of users to share it with other people on social networks.

• It is necessary to make a list of keywords and phrases to be the basis for textual content creation.

• Make sure that users are comfortable doing reposts, comments and tweets.

• You should always be aware of what is going on, write about what interests the audience at the moment, and what will cause interest in the near future.

• A blog is an excellent means to attract additional traffic to your resource from the issue.

Convenience of the interface and website design

Attracting traffic to your own resource, is only half of the problem. A much more difficult task is to keep the attention of the audience. It often happens that the user may be frightened off by the appearance of the site or the difficulty using it. For this reason, the necessary attention should be paid to the appearance, speed of the site loading, user-friendly interface, and the quality of the content itself. The more users visit your site again and again and follow links, the faster the traffic to your resource grows.

Statistics show that the attendance of websites causing problems with the convenience of the interface is lower by about 40-50% than that of a similar resource, the use of which does not cause difficulties. One of the worst disadvantages of the interface, for example, may be too long process of registering new users, lack of contact information on the main page of the site, etc.