Agreement for usage Cookies files

To optimize the operation of the site of our company, we need to use cookies files. Cookies files are small pieces of data that allow you to see new users of the site, and how the site works.

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The site of our company uses Google Analytics to analyze website traffic. Google Analytics uses text files, cookies files, which are located on your computer and provide an opportunity to analyze the user experience on our site. All information collected by the cookie files is stored on Google servers.

Google with the help of this information analyzes the use of the site, providing staff with a report on the work of the site, as well as providing other services according to the work of our site.

Google has the right to provide the collected information to third parties in accordance with applicable law, and in cases where Google instructs third parties to process this information. You always have the right to refuse the use of cookies files in your browser settings, but in this case, you will not be able to use all the capability of our website.

If this requirement contradicts your personal attitude to such use of information of cookie files, you can reconfigure or set up other settings on your browser or not use the services of the Company's website.