1. What is cryptocurrency mining?

Mining is the process of recording transactions into an open registry (blockchain), while waiting to receive mining profits. Cryptocurrency mining is carried out by miners, both individually and by the communities of the so-called pools. Miners use their own computing power for processing transactions and receiving rewards. The mining process is very complex and takes a lot of time and resources. The mining process requires significant computational power to comply with the cryptographic rules that protect the system, and to ensure that all network participants agree with the correctness and accuracy of the block chain. As the computing power in the network grows, the complexity of mining also increases.

2. Hashrate

Hashrate is the number of hashes generated per second. Single miners see hashrate of their mining device on the statistics page. But also, getters may come across a “hashrate pool" or "hashrate of the entire Bitcoin network."

3. Nominal hashrate

A nominal hashrate of 1 Gh/s means that your device is capable of generating 1 billion hashes per second - without regard to whether they meet any criteria.

4. Joint mining

Joint mining, if supported by one specific cryptocurrency, allows miners to earn "additional coins" when mining on more than one Blockchain simultaneously using the same algorithm. The main advantage of joint mining is that miners do not need to share their hashing rate between mining several cryptocurrencies.

5. Miner

A miner is a physical mining device that belongs to one person. Most often, this is a specialized miner ASIC (a device intended only for cryptocurrency mining) or a Personal Computer with a very powerful graphics processor, sufficient for mining. There are different types of mining equipment for each cryptocurrency, depending on its mining algorithm.

6. Transaction fee

When sending a payment, you can add a transaction fee to a transaction in order to encourage further mining participants to add this transaction to the block. Miners receive this commission as an additional bonus to the main reward for the found block.

1. How can I register at Smart-mining?

Preserving the anonymity of users is an important point for our company. We do not require providing any personal data. The registration process for Smart-mining is very simple. You just need to fill in the necessary information, such as your email address and password on account registration page. Further, go to your mailbox, open the received letter from our company and click on the registration confirmation link. Your account is created successfully, have a good mining!

2. I do not receive a letter of registration confirmation and informational letters?

If the letter is not in the inbox mail, check the spam folder, perhaps the letter is in it. There are advertising tabs or other custom tabs in the Google window. Check emails there. Add [email protected], [email protected] to your contact list.

3. I cannot log in, what have I to do?

If you have trouble logging in your personal account, please note that your credentials (both password and email address) are case sensitive. The most common mistake – entering an incorrect email address that prevents you from logging in. Please be careful when entering your data. In any case, you can use the password reset function by email, “Forgot your password?” It is located under your email address and your password.

4. Why is my account inactive?

It happens if your account is not activated. Please check your Inbox or Spam folder, as an email to confirm registration and activate your account have been sent to you. If you do not find an email to activate, please contact our support team.

5. How can I change my registered email address?

To change your email address, you need to write to our technical department.

6. How can I reset my password?

The password reset function is located under your email address and your password "Forgot your password?" Click it and enter your email address, then check your inbox, (spam folder) and follow the instructions of the letter.

7. Account deletion

If you decide to delete your account on our platform, you need to check your balance, if you have paid all the income. If your balance is transferred to your wallet address for payments, you need to contact our support team and report your decision to delete your account. If your account is deleted, and you remember that there are funds on the balance that you did not receive, in this case, your balance will be transferred to charity.

8. Why was my account deleted?

According to the Terms of use of the platform, the Company Smart-mining takes the necessary security measures, and reserves the complete right to remove any accounts if they have not been active for 12 months. An account is considered to be inactive if there have been no mining activities for 12 months and there have been no logins to your personal account. The remaining balance from this account will be used for equipment maintenance. If the account is inactive, the user will be sent messages warning of possible deletion of the account 14, 7 and 1 day before complete deletion. Such a rule has been established for the reason that the online service cannot be 100% secure. Based on this, such services cannot be a long-term storage of the earned balance of coins to inactive users. For safer storage, we recommend our users to keep coins in their personal protected wallets on their personal computers or smartphones. Or store them in cold wallets.

1. What is Smart-mining?

Smart-mining - is a platform for sharing mining machines, for substantial cost savings associated with the purchase, installation and operation of their own mining installations. This is really one click mining for everyone.

2. How does Smart-mining works?

You only have to choose one of the miner-exchange packages on the Smart-mining platform. Smart-mining has the following: - world's largest pool clusters - modern team of professionals in the mines operation and maintenance - distribution of computing power to ensure safe and stable operation of computing power Smart-mining created by professionals for all wanting to mine bitcoin. We are sure that everyone has the right to take advantage of SMART mining with access to the latest technologies and large industrial data centers from your laptop or mobile phone. Working in the field of mining since 2017, we are constantly exploring the bitcoin market and want to share our knowledge with you: • We always have information about the main players in the bitcoin mining market. • We constantly monitor innovations and implement them for you. • We select the most reliable partners with a good reputation with the best equipment and data centers, which allows us to constantly increase the supply of mining capacities and provide the best opportunities to our customers. • We assure that our partners provide guarantees for their equipment and its maintenance. Therefore, we will hold them responsible for any failure in your hosting. • We constantly select new partners to provide you with the best speed, power and performance.

3. Smart device monitoring

In most cases, mining is regarded as an investment. Therefore, we are confident that the tools we have developed for effective market monitoring are an integral part of our work. Monitoring allows you to monitor the performance of your facilities in real time and minimize losses caused by connectivity problems or hardware/software failures of mining.

4. Why is monitoring so important?

Monitoring allows us to receive alerts in case the mining device starts to behave incorrectly. For example, if there is a problem in communication, between the miner and the pool. Such a warning will help you respond in time and minimize the financial impact of disruptions. Typical failures are caused by the following reasons: o Internet connection problems o Hardware power outages o Overheating of mining equipment o Problems with mining software

5. Why Smart-mining is to be used?

Smart-mining is the best option available to individuals who want to mine bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a very complex process. We cannot but rejoice at the fact that our partners and we have done all the difficult work for you. Just choose your plan, pay for it and collect the newly created bitcoins. Our partners use the best equipment manufacturers and world-class data centers to provide you with good results. Your mining will begin immediately after completing a few simple steps. Service Smart-mining is easy to use. It is intuitive and provides first-class customer support for your mining needs. We work with all equipment and infrastructure while you are focused on mining. With Smart-mining you don’t need to worry about equipment, maintenance, power outages and even bad weather. We do everything for you so that you can focus on mining. In the event of a data center failure, we will compensate you for bitcoin lost time. We believe that the essence of mining is to increase the contribution to the development of the Blockchain technology supporting Bitcoin. We want to provide you with an attractive market price for hashing capacity. We try to avoid foreign exchange markets, so stock market traders do not increase prices for your hashing power. Working with us, you sublease a small part of the world's largest mining data processing centers.

6. How long do you intend to be in the market of these services?

The Smart-mining company successfully enters the world market. The priority of the company is long-term relationships with platform users and partners. This business involves development over a long period of time, as the world of cryptoindustry is developing more and more.

7. Where is your company located?

Grand Plimmer Tower Level 17/2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington, Lambton 6011, New Zealand

1. How much can I earn with your company?

The resulting profit depends on many factors, for example: reward per unit, fluctuation of the world price of coins, and the level of the client package. Please note that our payments are based on a shared network hash and 100% availability is guaranteed.

2. Why are your prices lower than competitors ones?

Our company did not bear the cost of building data centers, and did not buy the equipment on its own. We rent power at very competitive prices. Thus, the company did not have very large costs that need to be covered. Based on these factors, our prices are quite loyal and beneficial for our partners.

3. What is the period to the contracts?

The duration of all the contract is 12 months.

4. Order price

1. The cost of a computing power utilization tariff package includes a computing power charge, a charge for using electricity and a service charge. 2. Computing power charge: The user charge is the charge for renting computing power. It is calculated on the basis of the current price on the cryptocurrency currency market, the forecast of the future market and the calculation of the weakening of production opportunities. 3. Charge for using electricity: designed to calculate the cost of electricity used for the extraction of coins. 4. Service charge: designed to pay for the operation, modernization and maintenance of equipment.

5. How to buy Smart-mining contract?

1. Select a contract and click “BUY NOW”. 2. Select a pool and enter a valid BTC recipient address. Note. You must specify a valid wallet address, otherwise the order could not be sent. Check and confirm the order information and payment amount send the order. Note: Please check the order details, especially the wallet address, before “Confirm” to avoid errors that may affect your future mining plan. Select a payment and click "Pay". Note: Please Pay the payment within the required time period (12 hours), otherwise the order will be canceled automatically. 4. Send the order amount to the address listed on the page. After payment, click "PAY NOW". 5. Once the Smart-mining Company receives the amount, the contract will be active and mining will begin. The status of your order will not be changed immediately after the transfer you need to wait for the confirmation of the network (1-2 hours).

6. Can I pay for my order in parts?

Payment for contracts must be paid on time in full. The amount of the account to be toped-up must correspond to the payment amount, if these figures do not match, there may be time delays.

7. How to check order status?

Go to the toolbar> My orders> Order by computing power to check order status. Note: It is necessary to pay the order in full (to cover commission transactions) within 12 hours from the moment you placed the order, otherwise, the order will be canceled automatically after 12 hours.

8. How to pay with Bitcoins?

1. After placing the order, check and confirm it. 2. Copy the address on the payment page and paste it into the “Receiving address” field or scan the QR code. 4. Enter the amount of the order and click Submit to complete the payment.

9. How long will the order be active after full payment?

After the order is fully paid, the confirmation of the network node is as follows: BTC: after 6 online confirmations the purchase was successful; Bitcoin operations are confirmed in the bitcoin chain. If the blockchain is overloaded, users must pay a higher transaction fee to confirm the transaction more quickly, otherwise transactions can be queued for longer processing times. Note, the Bitcoin blockchain network is not related to the Smart-mining Company's service directly. If the network of bitcoin chains is overloaded, Smart-mining cannot control it.

10. My payment is delayed or failed

Most likely you made an erroneous transaction, the amount in which does not correspond to the amount in the account. In this case, your payment will be delayed and sent for manual processing. Excess amount will be transferred to your balance.

11. Can I sell or transfer my contract to another user?

Contracts cannot be sold or transferred to other users, because in this case we cannot guarantee the safety of your funds.

12. Is pre-term termination of the contract possible?

Online contracts are irrevocable and cannot be terminated by the Client prematurely.

1. How to check the income from the order?

In the personal account, there is an information about the total income coming from the used tariff plans. This information is updated daily.

2. What is the payment address and where can I find it?

The payment address is the address of the cryptocurrency wallet to which we will send you your nominated rewards. If you do not already have such an address, you can create it on any blockchain supporting BTC. We recommend using TREZOR for storing coins, as this is the safest device currently available on the market. However, there are other purse providers (Electrum, Samourai, Mycelium and many others) that have the function of signing messages. This feature is useful if you have blocked your wallet or lost access to your 2FA code. Your mining rewards will be automatically sent to this address when the confirmed reward exceeds the minimum payout limit. Important note: For payment use the wallet address to which you have all the access keys.

4. How often will I get my profit?

Payments are held daily when the minimum limit for payments is reached. The minimum limit for payments is a balance above 0.001 BTC.

4. What are your fees?

Our financial department has developed quite profitable fees for funds withdrawal: From 0.001 BTC - 10% of the withdrawal amount; From 0.005 BTC - 5% of the withdrawal amount; From 0.01 BTC - 1% of the withdrawal amount; From 0.1 BTC - 0.1% of the withdrawal amount; From 1 BTC - 0.01% of the withdrawal amount; But we inform you that there is also a network commission. Our company does not affect such network commissions.

5. Why does my computing power fluctuate?

Computing power fluctuates, and only the approximate plan value due to the hashing rate of the mining machine fluctuates during the mining process, the data have a certain volatility. Meanwhile, factors such as network environment, mining environment, etc., arise. And it is impossible to get the exact number. Therefore, it should be remembered that the computing power may be higher or lower than the average value during the planning period. Please pay attention to the daily hash rate, and if there is a big difference between them (more than 5%), please contact customer support. If the hashrate of the plan simply does not meet the standards (5% lower than it should be), it will be detected by the system and, accordingly, a hashrate speed compensation will be received. The plan hashrate speed will be increased over the next 24 hours (or within a few days when the hash rate is sufficient) until the daily hash rate becomes normal. Mining profitability is variable and depends on the following factors: The complexity of mining changes on average every 14 days. Mining requirements. Bitcoin course in the world market. Maintenance costs (energy costs, cooling, research and development, maintenance). Modernization of production systems and technologies. You can calculate your own profitability on online profitability calculators.

6. Referral fee

Go to “My Account” “Affiliate Program”, there is a link to your referral program, which you can send to your partners. Your referral needs to follow the link, register, buy any capacity package. This activates your referral under your link. After purchasing its capacity, you will be credited with % of its purchased capacity.

1. How to find out about the referral (affiliate) program?

For Terms of the Referral program, you can see the link https://smart-mining.com/en/referrals-program We also have individual conditions of cooperation.

2. What is an affiliate link for?

When you click on the affiliate link, visit is recorded in the user's browser. After completing the registration, the referral automatically becomes your partner. Attention! Referral registration is active only within 24 hours after clicking on the affiliate link.

3. Why do partners need a referral program?

Partners receive a percentage of the capacity acquired by cryptocurrency referrals in accordance with the level of the user and referral.

4. Can I use two levels of referral program?

You can support your partner in promoting his account. In addition, you will receive referral bonuses for actively attracting partners.

5. Is it possible to use the referral program without acquiring a capacity package?

The affiliate program becomes active only after the user pays for the purchase. To do this, you just need to sign a contract and purchase a minimum package.


1. Use your website or blog. Publish articles about the Smart-mining company. Place a banner ad with a referral link on your website. Place banners on your website. 2. Advertise on Youtube Record and publish your video about the company Smart-mining (with the affiliate link in the description below video) Put our official video on your channel 3. Use social channels Place affiliate links in your group. Use affiliate links on your website. Leave comments in thematic groups, videos, posts, and so on. Leave comments on thematic websites and blogs. Create your content and place your videos/photos in thematic albums. 4. Leave comments on thematic pages and blogs You can leave comments on thematic blog posts. The more friendly your comment will be, the more likely it is that the moderator will accept it. Otherwise, the publication of comments with affiliate links to our site is likely to be deleted. 5. Chatting on the forums Create new topics on the forums. Answer questions on the forums. Send affiliate links in the description of your posts.

7. Is it possible to view the history of my referrals?

Users can view all information about attracted partners in their personal account on the statistics page.


Affiliate program payments are made in Bitcoin, The rewards earned from referrals may change over time. All received funds accumulate on your account. The user is not unique if a purchase has already been made from his IP address in the last 3 months. The browser does not transmit the parameter to the address of the page from which the transition was made. The partner is fully responsible for the security of his authentication data (login and password) for access to the account. By registering in the partner program, the partner automatically subscribes to the newsletter. If necessary, the partner can unsubscribe. These conditions may be changed unilaterally without informing the program participants, but with the publication on this web page.