Privacy policy

 Smart-mining Privacy Policy

Under the Privacy Policy, the company Smart-mining collects, uses, shares and protects user's information.

We process any personal information that users provide to us.

By "personal information" Smart-mining refers to data that allows us to identify a user as an individual, such as your name, email address, user name, contact information, or any unique identifier such as IP address, device identifier or other online identifier.

Smart-mining uses personal information collected from you with a mere purpose of fulfilling its obligations and improving service.

Smart-mining undertakes to make every effort to ensure the safe storage of user data.

Users should read this document carefully in order to understand our policy regarding user's personal data and how Smart-mining means to use it.

If you do not agree with this agreement, immediately stop using any services of the Smart-mining platform.

1. User Information

When registering an account with Smart-mining, the user should provide us with personal information, which includes: email address, real name and create a strong password.

The user can also specify a personal phone number to receive messages, which will be used to check 2FA for increased security.

Smart-mining can request a full verification of the identity, if necessary.

The full online form:

Age: at least 18 years old.

Information: phone number, email address, residence address.

Identification of the person: two forms of a valid state identity card with an image; i.e. passport, national ID, driver's license, residence card, work permit card, etc.

Proof of address: application from a utility, service company, licensed corporation or government agency that clearly indicates your name and residential address, not older than 3 months. In accordance with our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to request KYC information at any time if your account activity raises flags.

We do not collect any special categories of personal information about you (this includes information about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual life, sexual orientation, political views, information about your health, genetic and biometric data).

2. Cookie files usage

We use the IP address and unique identifiers stored in your device cookie files to help us identify you and provide our service.

To evaluate the effectiveness of our service, Smart-mining uses the collected information from cookies. These files are also used to analyze trends, identify problems that may arise with our users when accessing and using the Smart-mining platform.

Smart-mining uses information collected to protect the platform, user accounts and archives, as well as  to assess the administration of the platform.

Security service uses IP addresses and cookie data to protect against automatic abuse, such as spam mailing, phishing, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Considering the legal obligations and the system requirements of Smart-mining, we cannot provide our services to users without obtaining user identification data, information about his transactions and contact information. 

Users should agree that Smart-mining may use cookies for the purposes mentioned above.

3. Usage of the User Personal Data

User data shall be used:

- to fulfill Smart-mining obligations, as well as to provide users with the necessary information about the company services;

- to verify the identity of users, who have created an account and opened accounts on the Smart-mining platform, in order to prevent fraud attempts and other illegal actions;

- to notify users of changes and innovations associated with our services;

- to ensure the effective provision of content to users of the site Smart-mining; 

- to administer the website of Smart-mining, analyze and collect statistical data, conduct surveys, conduct internal operations, including troubleshooting;

- to ensure security of the Smart-mining platform, as well as that of user accounts;

- promptly respond and resolve user issues related to the use of our services.

It is important that user personal data is complete, accurate and true.

Please inform Smart-mining about any changes in personal data during the period of cooperation with the company.

4. Disclosure of user personal data

Creating an account with Smart-mining the user agrees that Smart-mining has the right to share your personal information with members of our business group, in accordance with the New Zealand Law "On Companies" of 2007.

Smart-mining may disclose your personal data to third parties, including:

- analytics and search providers that help us optimize our website.

- advertisers who request certain data to provide advertising information to users.

Smart-mining does not disclose the identification and personal data of its users, rather it provides only aggregated information (for example, Smart-mining can report that a certain number of people clicked on a certain advertisement on a certain day and hour).

Smart-mining may also disclose user personal data to third parties in the following cases:

- If Smart-mining or almost all of its assets can be acquired by a third party, in this case the personal information about the users stored by Smart-mining will be transferred with the rest of the assets

- If Smart-mining should disclose or transfer the personal data of the user by a court decision, or by order of the relevant state legislative body. Smart-mining has to require users to comply with the conditions of use agreed with the company;

- In case there is a need to protect the company own rights, company property, to guarantee the security of Smart-mining, our users or third parties. 

All of these clauses imply sharing of information with law enforcement agencies in order to prevent fraud attempts.

Maintaining the privacy and security of data users store in Smart-mining is the highest priority for the company. Therefore, the company will not disclose or provide personal user information to third parties without analysis and proceedings of our legal team, and without the prior user's consent.

5. Security and storage of personal data

Smart-mining makes efforts and takes all possible security measures to ensure the confidentiality of user personal data, and to prevent them from leakage. Only the user data processing department has access to personal user data. The applied security system of the company meets the current requirements and will be updated in a timely manner in accordance with the new adopted legal provisions and technical innovations in similar systems.

Personal data of users can be processed and stored in another country or countries, according to the location of Smart-mining offices. In this case the legislative or regulatory authorities of these countries can access user personal information through foreign laws, if necessary.

Users should be aware that the privacy standards of these countries may be lower than the standards in the jurisdiction in which the user lives.

By submitting your personal data to us, users consent to the transfer, storage and processing of their personal data.

In its turn, Smart-mining undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that users personal data is processed and stored in compliance with the security rules and in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

6. Grounds for personal data processing

User data you provide to us is stored on our secure servers.

The company collects and processes personal data only when it is necessary to fulfill the obligations required by law (in cases where Smart-mining is obliged to request, receive, process and store users personal data to meet the requirements of applicable laws, such as terrorism financing and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, financial fraud).

In case of an account suspicious activity, for example, where data collection and processing is necessary to protect users or companies from certain threats (fraud, internal security, etc.) 

7. User Rights

Users have rights as to personal information:

-  the right to delete their data (all or part of them);

-  the right to change or correct their data, in particular when they are indicated incorrectly;

-  the right to challenge or limit the processing of their data;

Smart-mining may also request additional or specific information from users to help the company verify the user's identity.

Smart-mining takes security measures to prevent leakage of personal information of users, and the data were not disclosed to third parties who do not have the right of access to it.

Users should be aware that the implementation of certain provisions of user rights, depending on the situation, may result in limiting or completely excluding the possibility of further cooperation.

8. Protection and responsibility of personal data users

Privacy policy, usage and preservation of users personal information also applies to the users themselves.

Smart-mining warns that if the user discloses personal information or personal confidential data using the Internet, for example, via chat rooms of any groups, communities, message boards, or other publicly accessible online forums, user information may be collected and used by other individuals or companies that are are not in any way related to Smart-mining.

Users are solely responsible for reviewing the privacy statements, policies, terms of use, terms of any person or company with whom the user makes a contract.

Smart-mining is not responsible for privacy statements, terms of use or other content of any website that has no relation to Smart-mining.

9. Amendments to Privacy Policy

All amendments and adjustments made by the company to the Privacy Policy will be published on this page of the website.

Users should regularly review the information in order to get familiar with updates in Smart-mining Privacy Policy.

Such changes are published on our website and become effective immediately after the publication.