Terms of use

Smart-mining Terms of Use

The services provided on the Smart-Mining platform are the property of the Limited Liability Company Smart Mining, headquartered in New Zealand, Wellington 6011, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace.

This agreement is made between you as the user and Smart-mining. By using any services of the Smart-mining website, you agree that you have read and accepted all the conditions described in this agreement on the use of conditions, and our Privacy Policy as well. This is a legally binding contract, all users should carefully read this agreement before using any service of our Company.

By creating your account on Smart-mining you agree to the terms set forth in this User Agreement.

If you do not agree with this agreement, immediately stop using any services of the Smart-mining platform.

In order to get familiar with Smart-mining, you can find information about the company and the license presented on our official website.

If you have any questions about the agreement, you can contact our support service.

Terms and Definitions

1. The Agreement is a list of terms and conditions of Users that you should get familiar with and accept for further work with Smart-mining.

2. The User Account is a system unit that is intended for the storage of User’s funds.

3. The Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer electronic currency that does not have a single centralized issuer, which is distributed among holders of such currency.

4. The personal account is a page on the platform that is created after registration and acceptance of the User Agreement: using his personal account the user can make transactions and use other Smart-mining services.

5. The Privacy Policy is a set of rules for collecting, storing and using personal data of users. 

6. The User is an individual or legal entity registered according to local national legislation, who have registered and accepted the User Agreement.

7. The deposit and withdrawal of funds is the transaction of user's funds turnover from a personal wallet account. Smart-mining

8. The account information is a personal data of a user, that is the login, password, email address and other information that the user specified with registration on the Smart-mining platform.

9. The services of Smart-mining are mining equipment rental services that users can use at the Smart-mining platform. 

Terms of Agreement

Smart-mining has the right to change the terms of the agreement at any time at its own discretion. Smart-mining will inform of such changes on the main page, and all the notifications will be displayed in the Terms of Agreement.

The agreements will become effective from the moment the users are notified. If the user continues to work on the platform, then he automatically accepts these updates.

By creating an account with Smart-mining, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and you are an individual or legal entity, an agency having full rights to accept this User Agreement between you and Smart-mining.

Prohibition to use

Using the Smart-mining platform and its services, the user declares that he is not on any list of trade or economic sanctions, such as the List of Sanctions of the UN Security Council and the like. Smart-mining reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions for its operation and may also limit its services to a number of countries.

This Agreement may neither be excluded nor amended under the laws of the country in which the user is located.

Services Description

Smart-mining is a mining platform that provides equipment for rent. Users should register, open accounts of their choice on Smart-mining. 

The users may request withdrawals of their funds, while taking into account the limitations specified in the Terms of Agreement, if any.

Smart-mining does not provide investment advice and is not responsible for any loss of users associated with the global conditions of this industry. All users should be aware of all the risks associated with any possible movements of exchange rates.

Smart-mining guarantees the security of the platform to ensure the steadiness and security of its services and the work of its users.

Smart-mining reserves the right to cancel or block rental services of the facilities in case of suspicious transactions.

Smart-mining never requests your account password, never requires to transfer funds that are not on our platform or transfers to third-party wallets.

Users should be extremely careful with regard to promotions, and any highly advantageous discounts that may come on behalf of  Smart-mining, but with a misspelled name. Thus, these are fraudulent notifications that can lead to deception and loss of funds.

The company asks you to inform our support department in case of receipt of such notifications.

The list of fraudulent transactions is much wider, the user agrees that Smart-mining does not assume responsibility for any loss of funds resulting from the cases listed above.

Using Smart-mining services you acknowledge that all information provided to the Company under this Agreement is true, complete and accurate.

Account Registration and Requirements

Starting cooperation with Smart-mining all users should register.

You should specify your real name, email address and provide a strong password in order to create your account.

You should also accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

Smart-mining at its own discretion and depending on a number of conditions may refuse to open your user account.

User Authentication

Creating an account on Smart-mining users agree to provide personal data to verify their identity. Personal data verification is necessary to detect and prevent money laundering schemes, fraud, financing of terrorist organizations and other financial crimes.

Users also undertake to give their consent to the company to refer to third parties directly or by submitting requests, when there is a need to verify your identity. And also to protect your account and/or our company from fraudulent organizations and financial crimes.

The required information includes, but is not limited to your name and email address, telephone number, user name, government identification number. 

After completing the registration, the user should ensure that all the information provided is complete, true, and he will provide new data in a timely manner should any change occur.

When submitting this information to Smart-mining, you confirm its authenticity.

If there is any doubt that the user information provided is untrue or outdated or incomplete, Smart-mining has the right to send you a notification asking you to correct the respective user data.

All users shall assume full responsibility for the losses or costs incurred during the time of using Smart-mining, if a user fails to contact and correct your information in a timely manner. Hereby you agree that, as a user, you are committed to update all submitted personal data, should any changes occur.

Account Usage Requirements

User personal accounts can only be used by persons on whom they are registered.

Smart-mining reserves the right to suspend or cancel accounts used by third parties who are not genuine account holders.

Smart-mining shall not be responsible for such accounts.

Account security

Smart-mining’s priority is to ensure the security of its users.

All users should be extremely careful, take precautions for the safety of personal account and personal information.

Users shall be solely responsible for maintaining security of their  account on Smart-mining, for  security of their password and login email address.

User agree that they:

- will observe measures of security, authentication, processing and charging or funds withdrawal.

- will promptly notify Smart-mining should you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account and password in Smart-mining by another person, or other security breaches.

Smart-mining accepts no liability for any damages or consequences caused by user's negligence of the above account security provisions.

Recommendations on the usage of Smart-mining

In this provision, the user agrees to comply with the following clauses when using Smart-mining:

- all actions taken by you while using the Smart-mining services will comply with the applicable legislation, as well as the Smart-mining Articles of Association,

- the user undertakes not to evade taxes or government fees, this agreement will not also be violated, and Smart-mining confidentiality rules will not be violated either.

- in case of violation of the above clauses and this entailed legal consequences, you, as a user, will independently carry out all legal clauses on your behalf and protect “#” from all costs associated with this violation.

- the user will not employ the data or information used on the site for his own commercial purposes without obtaining the prior documentary permission of Smart-mining.

- the user shall use the platform in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Use, without interfering with the normal operation of the Smart-mining platform.

In case of any user’s violation that incurred losses, you have to undertake all legal obligations on your behalf, without exposing Smart-mining to penalties or additional expenses.

In case of any alleged violation, Smart-mining will suffer any losses, indemnify for losses of any third party, or will be subject to any penalty or sanctions imposed by any administrative and state authorities, the user shall indemnify all losses to Smart-mining.

Limits of responsibility

The user accepts that Smart-mining is not responsible for any of your losses incurred after the events described below, but not limited to them:

- loss of profit or other intangible losses;

- unauthorized use of your account;

- unauthorized modification of your data by third parties;

- other losses.

Smart-mining is not responsible for termination, interruption or delay of service as a result of regular maintenance of its own network. Or other external factors, such as power failures, network service provider problems, government and state actions, natural disasters.


You, as a user, agree to protect Smart-mining, its current employees, directors, affiliates and all agents from any possible losses claimed by a third party as a result of Smart-mining user's actions violating this Agreement.

Agreement Termination

The user agrees that Smart-mining has the right to stop your use of the platform, to block funds if there is a suspicion that such accounts violate the Terms of the Agreement, the Privacy Policy, or other applicable laws.

Smart-mining has the right to save, use and provide transaction data of violators as required by legislation authorities.

Examples of violations, which may cause the termination of the agreement:

- if unauthorized access to the account is detected;

- if unnatural activity of the account is detected;

- if an order of a court or other regulatory state body is issued.

After closing the user account and blocking of funds, the balance will be allocated to pay off all the expenses of Smart-mining.

After completion of the payment of costs, if any, the user will be able to withdraw the funds remaining on the balance sheet within the allotted time, unless a court or regulatory authorities provided otherwise.

Compliance with the local laws of the user's residence

The user should take into account and comply with local legislation on the use of Smart-mining in the region of his residence.

Users of the Smart-mining should assure that the funds they use are not the result of illegal activities, but are obtained legally.

Being users of our company, you should be governed by the laws of the state or region of your residence, such as tax levies and accounting, government charges and fees.

Smart-mining conducts open activities and supports cooperation with government regulators.

Compensation and Liability

By accepting this agreement, the user agrees to compensate for all losses and expenses of Smart-mining, to protect against claims of a third party, if the user's actions caused expenses and losses.

Preservation of data security on the platform is a top priority for Smart-mining, and the company pays due attention to this. Smart-mining is not responsible for users’ errors associated with the use of its services. However, all the questions aroused will be analyzed and, if possible, a compromise will be found.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is an important clause of this agreement. Smart-mining has the right to make adjustments and changes to this clause of the agreement, if necessary. All users will be notified of any changes to the Privacy Policy and any other clause through ads on the main page of our website.

Support Service

If users require qualified assistance, or you intend to make a suggestion or have a complaint, users can contact the support service for prompt and quality assistance.